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  • White people: Remember 911
  • White people: Remember the Holocaust
  • White people: Remember The Alamo
  • White people: Remember the American Revolution
  • White people: Remember Pearl Harbor
  • White people: Slavery? Come on are you still stuck on that? It's time to move on that was yearsssssss ago no one cares anymore

Breaking bad

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Big girl panties

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This book is amazing. A lil dirty but amazing. I picked it up expecting it to be a motivational type of book for us big girls to get to the gym. But this hilariously sarcastic book is so my style. The characters and everything is so casual it feels real.
Holly Brennan a new widow meets Logan Montgomery on a plane. He’s pissed cuz he has to sit in coach and then the messy fat chick arrives. This Adonis of a personal trainer to the rich and famous is ready for the flight to be over. Holly having a bad morning, washed her hair with body wash and could see the attitude of the hot guy she has to sit next to this entire flight. He ends up inviting her to his gym and starts the wonderfulness of this book. Glad I found it!


my g spot is located about 2 inches inside your wallet


Sweater leggings lol

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  • Period: Your stomach hurts.
  • Period: No it doesn't, eat everything.
  • Period: Why did you eat all the things, your stomach hurts!
  • Period: No it doesn't, there's a plate of brownies. Eat them.
  • Period: Your uterus is pulsing. Change position twenty times to see if that helps.
  • Period: You want to fuck him.
  • Period: No you don't, kill him.
  • Period: You're bored. Let's literally cry about that, shall we?
  • Period: Never mind, just find people and kill them.